Cavitation Ultra Sonic Slimming Massage


Cavitation Ultra Sonic Slimming Massage.

Compact size is completely contained in the palm, very light, and convenient to use.

Three LED Lights and EMS all have different functions.

Red – RF + EMS + Vibration fat burning method.

Blue – LED + Ultra Sonic vibration, fitness mode.

Purple – Ultra Sonic wave + RF + EMS + Vibration, fat burning method, and much more.

Buy it and enjoy the results and experience.






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Cavitation is irradiated with ultrasonic waves.

1 Million vibrations in 1 second resulting in a pressure difference and extremely small bubbles.

The bubble stimulation makes hard like bumpy fat becomes soft.

Radio wave vibration massage increases the decomposition and dissolution speed of fat.

The massager has Ipx7 waterproof function and can be used for bathing.

Can be used every day when bathing.

It is recommended to use 3x per week.



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