Olakino Weighted Hula Hoop Premium Fitness ( 1.25 Kg /2.65 lbs )


Olakino weighted Hula Hoop.

Strong durable and environmentally friendly.

Easily detachable and attachable also protected from sweat and deterioration.

includes a free figure of 8 resistance band. To help with cardio fitness and strength.

Perfect workout combination for exercise fitness and strength for the whole family.


This hula hoop is Strong.

It is made from more durable black plastic and from environmental friendly foam – TPE 1 Foam.

The TPE foam is protected against sweat, discoloration, and deterioration; resulting in longer life.

Also, there are 8 loop segments that can be easily detached and attached.

You can reduce the size of the loop from 8 segments down to 6. Perfect for all the family.



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